SAC Members


Brett White
Rebecca Wagner


Michael Scott

Ronne Deboh

Jennifer Jordan

Jan Lesley

Lori Yuzzolin


Denise Glum

Tawny Gutierrez

Helen Delany


Molly Persaud

School Advisory Committee

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote communications and involvement among the faculty, parents, students, and community of Heathrow Elementary School.  Such involvement shall be in accordance with Florida Statute 229.58, and shall include the following goals:

1.  To serve as a resource for the principal, who remains responsible for all decisions affecting the school.

2.  To identify the school’s strengths and weaknesses, and to make recommendations to the principal regarding school-wide problems.  The principal will make the final decision on recommendations.

3.  To assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan as defined in Section 230.23 (18) Florida Statutes.

4.  To provide such assistance as the principal may request in preparing the school’s annual budget and plan.

5.  To address any other educational area which would benefit from the encouragement of closer working relationships among the school’s principal, the teachers, educational support personnel, the parents and other members of the community.