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Information needed to register your student:

-Original Birth Certificate
-Warrantry Deed, Declaration of Homestead, or signed lease agreement
-Current Electric Bill
-One of the following: Driver's License, Voters ID, or Auto Registration (with current address)
-Social Security Number (student)
-Immunization Records (HRS 680)
-Current Physical (must be within 1 year of the registration date)

*Please provide the originals and we will make a copy.

Transfer Information:

Due to ongoing policy development related to House Bill 7029 the 2017-2018 transfer options will not be available until late February 2017. Elementary magnet school applications and elementary region school zone applications are still available.

The Choices Department manages the various processes for student assignment that promote and support the Excellence and Equity goals of Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS).  Those processes include school choice options that help minimize overcrowded conditions, promote and maintain a diverse student enrollment, accommodate family choice to the maximum extent possible, and support the implementation of educational pathways (ePathways) initiatives to the maximum extent possible.  
Choices Information

Kindergarten Registration

See Registration Requirements and Student Entry Form:

2016-17  Requirements